Scatalogical Erotic Perversionment

by Dopehammer

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released January 10, 2016

Owen - Music, mix and master
Josh - Artwork (



all rights reserved


Dopehammer Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Stoner Slam CVLT
Track Name: Reign In Bud
mutagenic ganja creatures
rise out of the soil
their bodies spawned from
hydroponics fed with resin oil
men of bud
from the earth
cry for blood
birthed beneath the grown lights
by agents of control

fear the plants which stalk the planet

breaking from the boundaries
of their laboratory homes
taking over living creatures
fusing to their bones
cannabis, muscle-fused
infecting green destruction
on a docile population

cleansing fire has no effect
sadistic hybrids tasting human flesh
frightened people, bathing the earth in smoke
silently screaming, upon the leaves they choke
upon the leaves
upon the leaves they choke

worship at the altar of the crystal covered leaf
sacrificing to the soil so your soul stays free

cannabis nation
Track Name: Doctrine of Abuse
Murder in the name of god

Thousands of sheep
brainwashed in stupidity
blindly accepting
for fear of "heresy"
they butcher non-believers
women and children
arguing the details
of the same fucking doctrine

archaic superstitions coated in fear
branded on nations and the slaves they rear
hypocrite paedophiles
preaching austerity
gold-covered pulpits
lacquered with tears

looking at the history of man
pain. hate. torture. suffering
all over invisible friends
murder. rape. wealth. subjugate
entire countries beyond reproach
warring against the non-believers
sickening violation of hope

Slaughter by the righteous hand
Track Name: Lesbian Party Mallet
Puppies, rainbows and pretty kitties
beautiful landscapes of fluffy clouds
merrily i skip through meadows of posies
lightly fabricated dreams of candy

Palace of rainbows
and shards of light
crafted from heaven
softly i drift through
balmy skies
feeling fucking awesome

this song makes no sense
no fucking sense (rainbow rainbow, dildo rainbow)
smiling and vivid with poetic imagery
void of discontent

happy happy happy thoughts
happy happy happy
happy happy happy thoughts
very fucking happy

Back up in yo ass like the resurrection
Track Name: xM.I.Ax (Missing In Alcohol)
Chugging for destruction and drowning out the fight
seeking absolution in the bottom of a pint

So raise your glasses and toast oblivion
pounding back the cider until we're pliant carrion
drinking to prevent myself from shooting up the hive
silencing the misery of the bastard 9-5

Shut up and have another beer

brewing lager in the corpses
of my enemies
fermented entrails filled with barley
shredded skin and yeast
slugging shots of pureed dermis
from their hollowed skulls
whisky flavoured putrefaction
drunk out of their bowels

smashing back the cider brewed from tortured hookers
drowning out the voices in my brain
nullify the fervor to liquefy the others
sieving out the pieces with disdain

so raise your glasses now
lets have another drink
smashing back the pints
to ignore the stink

suck it back!
Track Name: Cuddles, Rainbows and Overhead Smash
Humanity is a fucking sickness
a rotting plague on the face of the earth
wretched parasitic viral excrement
mindless cattle devoid of worth


Freshly-shaved vermin, rank and vile
blindly shuffle to their mediocre pile
the painful demise of a masochist nation
prostrating itself for anal decimation

watch your TV
pay your taxes
raise a family
or face deletion

I am the reigning terror
the pestilence and plague
the tortured voices
the silent rageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

watch your TV
forget your freedom
teach you suffering
to your children

suffer. toiling for another
lash them to the wheel
so they might not feel

rotting in their concrete prison
profit over freedom
consumerist religion
fuck your system